The Oldest Town Of Western Europe

“Forget about work and enjoy your stay in Spain!” was what I said to me that weekend. The beach and the sun helped me to forget that I’m in Seville for work. It helped me to order my thoughts and to calm down. Whenever you have the chance to go to the sea you should go. It can have wondrous effects.
These are photos of my first trip to Cádiz at the end of september. I loved this city from the very beginning. Many peolpe say that it is pretty similar to Havana. Well, every person who has been to Havana before knows that there can’t be a second one in this world. There was just one place which reminded me about one of my favorate cities. The broad esplanade (Malecón) called the one in Havana to mind. Like in Havana I loved that place. I could sit there for hours watching the sea, listening to its sound and enjoying the sun while it’s shining on my face.



IMG_9153 IMG_9163 IMG_9229 IMG_9235


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