I met this girl my very first week here in Spain. She was living in the same house as me and is, like me, also from Germany. I always said to myself that I don’t want to meet German people when I go to Spain because they will hinder my ability to speak Spanish. But my hesitation didn’t last long and I really started to like this girl. I was sad when she left the house and moved to another place but we continued meeting up from time to time. I remember one night when we went out with some friends and she didn’t wear make-up, it was at that moment I realized how beautiful she is. When I started my blog last week one of the first things I thought was that I really wanted to take photos of her. I asked her and she said yes. “Nobody has taken photos of me before, I’m not sure if I can do this well.” she said to me. I said: “That’s okay. We’ll try our best. Just forget about the camera.” And so we started our walk through Seville. It was such a beautiful day. It felt like summer with 27 degrees at the end of October. She didn’t do much and yet she looked amazing. We were walking for hours and I got some really bad blisters but it was worth it. We ended our day with a Kebab and Coke watching the sunset on the Guadalquivir. It was a great day. Thank you Josie.

IMG_0084 IMG_0091IMG_0109 IMG_9741IMG_9862

IMG_9939 IMG_9980 IMG_9985 IMG_9994IMG_0001IMG_9919IMG_9944IMG_0024


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