Granada La Bella

“Quien no ha visto a Granada, no ha visto nada!”

I’ve already been to Granada twice before and I can’t stop returning to that beautiful city. It’s a magical place with kind people, music at every corner, the Sierra Nevada behind the mighty castle Alhambra, the tiny little alleys and its show of flowers which extends over the whole town. I never spent so much money in restaurant visits before but it was so nice just sitting in the Albaicin or the nice little patios, watching and listening to the guitar players, drinking Tinto de Verano or tea and getting some delicious tapas with the drinks. In fact, I didn’t have much time to take photos but here I leave you with some little impressions…

IMG_0139 IMG_0146IMG_0148IMG_0156IMG_0192IMG_0161IMG_0163IMG_0184IMG_0159IMG_0189IMG_0201IMG_0250IMG_0240IMG_0278


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